#3 EDGE Entrepreneurial Program

This output is aimed at fostering entrepreneurship (in each field according to participants attitudes and opportunities) among disabled young people. Considering often employer’s biases and prejudice towards the disabled self-employment offers a great and – not many explored – opportunity for active labour market participation and the associated incomes and living standards. Self-employment might be a valid option for young with disabilities also since it facilitates achieving a better balance between disability status and working life.

The outputs include three sub-outputs:

  1. EDGE Materials and Workshop for the EDGE business Trainings: Inova, as expert on entrepreneurship, will lead the partners on developing the training materials. These materials will aim to develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset and readiness in people with disabilities in order to support them to set up a business. During the session as part of the third transnational meeting, Inova will train the other partners in order to be able to conduct the Entrepreneurial Training.
  2. EDGE Training for people with disabilities: The aim will be to produce 4 units on Soft Skills as an Introduction to Entrepreneurship to suit the needs of people with disabilities. This training will be piloted over a period of 6 months, including 4 sessions. These sessions will cover the following topics:
    • Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset
    • Creativity workshops for exploring business ideas
    • Understanding business strategy through games
    • Making it happen: Putting it into Action and goal setting (with Video)
  3. EDGE Crowdfunding Guide: an EASY-TO-READ multilingual short guide (plus video) to ideate, arrange and develop a crowdfunding campaign for financing the participants’ business ideas. It will be used by a wide range of potential users: the young potential entrepreneurs, their families, the staff of cooperatives working with disability, the EDGE Mentors.

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