#4 EDGE Hand-Book for Inclusive Companies

The Hand – Book is a practical and innovative guide – composed by a book and a set of videos – for companies related to overcome stereotypes and learn how to create and implement inclusive work environments and inclusive teams, also though the use of smart-working tools and diversity management strategies. The hand-Book will include the guidelines to access the EDGE Brand, an innovative brand that we’ll be assigned to those companies that will fill all the inclusive steps on becoming more proactive about hiring young people with mental challenges.

An inclusive and harmonious workplace is one that appreciates differences amongst workers and works towards maximizing their potential. This guide aims to help organizations:

  1. Understand why managing workplace diversity is important: collection of case studies and best practices;
  2. Assess how the organization is managing diversity (self-assessment tool / questionnaire);
  3. Implement practices and policies to manage diversity and build an inclusive and harmonious workplace, through practical guide (test + video) about:
    • How to implement the most suitable smart-working tools to deal with workers with ID
    • How to create inclusive work-environments
    • How to create inclusive teams
  4. Access the EDGE Brand. A project brand will be designed and launched during dissemination activities and multiplier events, with the aim to push organizations towards ethical and social responsibility approaches.


The Hand-Book will be multilingual and will be spread during dissemination activities and multipliers events in order to reach the highest number of organizations (public and private). It will be shaped as complete guide to be used autonomously by companies, in order to allow its replicability and transferability at national and EU levels.

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