#5 EDGE game

Computer games and simulations can be defined as interactive multimedia with dynamic elements that are under user control.

The EDGE game is dedicated to the target of final beneficiaries (youth with ID) and will help them in getting used to the work environment, both corporate and self-employment setting, in order to feel more safe and calm with the real thing.

The game – multilingual and innovative in contents and method – will simulate the working environment and the possible scenarios, and the young participants can find a safe way to get used to specific features (related to logistics, timing, interactions) and also to acquire transferable skills such as troubleshooting, decision-making, and problem solving, by highlighting critical features, ensuring that students attend to what is important. Specific meditation sessions will be included.

Studies show that computer-based games and simulations are more effective when some form of guidance is provided directly to students. So in the design of the game features, a small group young people with ID will be actively involved. This is another point of innovativeness.

The EDGE game will be uploaded on the EDGE Pratform and website, and on the partners websites and will be easily available as open resources for young beneficiaries from the whole countries and form all the EU (English version). It will be equipped by a short guide for families that will show the game features and how it should be used. It will be spread during dissemination activities in order to widen the impact, as well as throughout the organizations that could use it as assistive tool.

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