Consorzio SiR (IT)


SiR – Solidarietà in Rete (“Solidarity in Network”) is a Consortium of social cooperatives established in 2000 as a result of a project developed jointly with Anffas Milano Onlus (ANFFAS stands for Associazione Nazionale Famiglie di Persone con Disabilità Intellettiva e/o Relazionale, which means “National Association of Families of Persons with Intellectual and / or Relational Disabilities”). This Consortium was created in order to promote social cooperation; over the years it has become a point of reference in the local welfare system in Milan.

SiR is a system of social enterprises of community whose action is centered on the needs and rights of the weakest sections of the population. SiR supports persons and families, promoting the social and cultural development of citizens.

Personal services are the main goals of SiR and of its associated Cooperatives, engaged in designing and managing educational services, social-welfare and health programs, training actions, employment and residential services, aimed at minors and adults, with particular attention to the area of ​​intellectual disability and learning difficulties.

The Consortium carries out international development and cooperation activities, managing urban and social regeneration projects.

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