EDGE is aimed at improving the well-being and quality of life of young people with mental and relational disabilities, pursuing the following 3 main objectives:

In terms of results, we expect that:

  1. EDGE special trainers are prepared in order to support the target group to boost their employability skills;
  2. A complete and innovative work-based training programme is created, ready to be used by coaches and in-company facilitators to accompany the target group in the acquisition of tailored technical skills and competencies. It includes Inclusive Job Design procedures in order to allow the creation of job positions as joint expression of company needs and employees’ expectations;
  3. The public and private companies are prepared to create and implement inclusive work environments and inclusive teams, also through the use of smart-working tools and diversity management strategies. A new brand is developed and spread among those companies that will fill all the inclusive steps becoming more proactive about hiring young people with intellectual disabilities;
  4. The target group of youth with ID are well prepared to gradually access the job place, they know how the work environment works, they are used to working in these environments and they feel comfortable. They possess useful skills such as troubleshooting, decision-making, and problem-solving;
  5. A group of skilled Business Mentors are prepared to spread among the target group entrepreneurial competencies and mind-sets, as well as support them in developing their own business, including how to make and present the business plan, and then how to start and develop new businesses;
  6. A business planning guide is designed and accessible for young potential entrepreneurs with ID, to support them in creating their own work / business;
  7. Young potential entrepreneurs, their families, the staff of cooperatives working with disability, the project Mentors, are able to access crowdfunding platforms and organize crowdfunding campaigns to support the start-up of small businesses, self-employment positions, new entrepreneurial activities.

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